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High Content Screening
Automation Solutions and Automated Systems
Automation Solutions and Automated Systems
Automation Solutions and Automated Systems
Automation Solutions and Automated Systems

Automation Solutions, Automated Systems, High Content Screening & Cellular Imaging

Wako Automation develops and markets proprietary automated systems and workstations for the drug discovery and life science market. Wako Automation sells and distributes a wide range of automation solutions that include the Kalypsys industrial automated high throughput screening systems, Yokogawa Cell Voyager 7000 (Yokogawa CV7000) high content screening system, liquid handlers, automated cellular incubators, and small to medium automated laboratory systems. Many of these systems are ideal for automated cellular imaging, automated ELISA, automated immunoassays, as well as other automated drug discovery or life science needs.

On June 24, 2010 Wako Automation purchased Kalypsys Systems from Kalypsys Inc. Wako Automation is proud to offer all of Kalypsys Systems products, known for their unmatched reliability, under the Kalypsys product line.

The centerpiece of Wako Automation's Kalypsys product line is a proprietary state-of-the-art automated high throughput screening systems and accompanying scheduling software. These automation solutions comes in standard proven configurations that allow scientists to accurately and reliably automate their benchtop experiments. These automated systems are highly flexible and allows for an almost unlimited number of third party products to be integrated. Wako Automation will work with you to design automation solutions that conforms to your particular high throughput screening, drug discovery or other life science needs.

Wako Automation launched new automated systems sized for your lab in February 2012.  These automation solutions utilize the same proven Kalypsys software but offer a small footprint and are priced for your labs budget.

Automation Solutions and Automated Systems

High Content Screening Systems for Cellular Imaging and Cellular Analysis



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